Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You would like to offer body contouring services but are feeling overwhelmed by all the little details that go into implementing something new

  • Frustrated over endless searching online for Vacuum Therapy documents, protocols and procedures you need

  • You think vacuum therapy would be a great fit in your business but don't know where to begin

  • You have a vacuum therapy machine that is only being used for one service and wish to maximize usage and revenue


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Vacuum Therapy 4-in-1 Masterclass

A turnkey digital program that teaches you the proven tactics and methods to successfully launch Vacuum Therapy in your business

With Vacuum Therapy 4-in-1 Masterclass you will:

  • Learn how Vacuum Therapy technology works to break down fat deposits, defeat cellulite, slim & detoxify and enhance the booty

  • Learn how to identify the ways Vacuum Therapy solves your client's concerns and how to determine what treatment to recommend

  • Break down the CelluSculpt, Lipo Sculpt, Detox Slimming, and Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Sculpt Protocols: the Prep, the Treatment, the Treatment Conclusion Steps, and the Follow up

  • Gain an understanding of the forms: Treatment Form, Consent Forms, and Pre and Post Instructions Forms and how to determine pricing structure

  • Discover the expert formula for high body contouring conversions and how to set realistic expectations

  • Learn what body contouring and Vacuum Therapy content you must include in your website, and discover optional/preferred elements to make your website reach maximum performance and create your social media content marketing plan following our step-by-step instructions

  • Learn ways to build an email list, methods to nurture that list, and how keep your list interested and engaged

  • Learn about the tools, tips, and props that demonstrate your expertise, and elicit conversations about your solutions that lead to sales

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Part I: The Science, Body Conditions, Treatment Areas & Determining Your USP

    • Course Disclaimer

    • Attention Business Owners

    • Part I: The Science, Body Conditions, Treatment Areas & Determining Your USP.pdf

    • The Science behind Vacuum Technology and Vacuum Therapy

    • Conditions & Areas: Quick Reference Chart

    • Marketing Defining your Identity as a Body Contouring Provider

  • 2

    Part II: Machine, Protocols, Forms & Practice

    • Part II: Machine, Protocols, Forms & Practice

    • Get to know your Vacuum Therapy machine.pdf

    • Vacuum Therapy Machine Assembly

    • Introduction to Forms

    • Cellulite/Lipo Sculpt & Detox Slimming Protocol: Prep & Treatment

    • Cellulite/Lipo Sculpt & Detox Slimming Protocol: : Education & Treatment

    • Machine settings

    • Video Demonstration

    • Cellulite/Lipo Sculpt & Detox Slimming Protocol: Follow Up

    • Cellulite/Lipo Sculpt & Detox Slimming: Pre & Post Care Instructions

    • Cellulite/Lipo Sculpt & Detox Slimming: Consent Form

    • Butt Sculpt Protocol Intro

    • Butt Sculpt Machine Setting

    • Video Demonstration

    • Butt Sculpt Treatment Form

    • Butt Sculpt Protocol, Consent & Pre & Post Care Instructions

    • Practice, Practice, Practice

  • 3

    Part III: Treat your VIP's!

    • Part III: Treat your VIP's!

    • It's Time to Treat your VIP's!

  • 4

    Part IV: Pricing

    • Part IV: Pricing

    • Determine your Pricing using Market Research

    • Determine your Pricing Structure

  • 5

    Part V: Consultations & Assessments

    • Part V: Consultations & Assessments

    • The Formal Consultation

    • The Informal Consultation

    • Setting Realistic Expectations

  • 6

    Part VI: Marketing

    • Part VI: Marketing

    • Website Basics for Body Contouring

    • Website Checklist

    • Email Marketing Basics for Body Contouring

    • Social Media Basics for Body Contouring

    • Promotional Materials Basics for Body Contouring

  • 7


    • Before you print your certificate

    • Congratulations!

But, that's not all

The Vacuum Therapy 4-in-1 Masterclass also includes:

  • Printable, Ready-to-go Forms created by an RN/Attorney

    Enjoy the benefits and peace of mind that flow from Medical Legal expertise

  • On-going Support!

    Get expert Coaching on-demand as your questions arise, and avoid feeling insecure

After completing the Vacuum Therapy 4-in-1 Masterclass, you'll:

  • Make more money with additional revenue streams!

    Diversify + Multiply your revenue stream like the experts, no more 'just barely getting by'

  • Get Certification in Vacuum Therapy!

    Take your skills to the next level, and open the door to endless opportunities

  • Market and sell body contouring like the experts!

    Take all the right steps to devise the perfect marketing plan for your business and never worry about filling your books again

  • Convert consultations to sales!

    Use the what, when and how expert body consultants use, and avoid ever feeling insecure with consults

  • Bring more clients through your doors!

    Capitalize on the 137% growth rate of body contouring, remove the ‘empty book’ anxiety

  • Add thousands of dollars to your bottom line!

    < 8 treatments yield an additional income of $1000/month on average, no more anxiety about making enough money

What Others Are Saying

"all the tools I need... and then some!"

Missy, LVN LME

My clients know that I’m both a licensed nurse and licensed esthetician, so they tend to look to me for all the answers - even about the body. I’ve learned a lot on my own, but I had no body contouring Certification. So I decided to change that and enrolled in the Vacuum Therapy 4-in-1 Masterclass. I chose the Body Contouring Academy because of their years of body contouring experience and their proven success. I got my Certification in less then 30 days. The Vacuum Therapy 4-in-1 Masterclass gave me all the tools I need...and then some!

"The Coaching on-Demand perk was a real selling point"

Stephanie, LE

When talking with my clients, it seemed my conversations always turned to their complaints about their bodies. I never had anything to offer them! Not even advice! I needed something to offer them. What sold me on the Body Contouring Academy’s courses was that they were turnkey solutions. You get everything you need - from forms, to treatment protocols, to how to set your fees, and instructing on how to sell. The Coaching on-Demand perk was a real selling point. I knew I may have questions after I got started. And I did use it.

Still Hesitant?

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time do I need to commit to this Masterclass?

    The course is a self-paced program so you can complete the course and get certified in just a couple of hours or take as long as you like. You're in complete control.

  • Is this Masterclass just for beginners?

    This course is a perfect fit for beginners as well as experienced providers and owners who are looking to build a profitable body contouring business. Unless you already have mastered the 4 Vacuum Therapy treatments and have reached your goal with your body contouring practice, The Vacuum Therapy 4-in-1 Masterclass will be an essential tool in your growth arsenal.

  • How long will I have access to the Vacuum Therapy 4-in-1 Masterclass?

    Good news! Once you enroll, you will have access for a lifetime, so you can review when needed and even use it to train or onboard your team members.

  • What if I have questions. Will I have support from at the Body Contouring Academy?

    Absolutely! That’s huge! As our Bonus to you, when you enroll, you will have access to Shannon and Kay via Coaching On-demand for 3 months.

  • Do I have to be a licensed professional to take the course and get certification?

    You do not have to have a professional license to take the course and obtain certification. You may take the course as a student, entrepreneur or spa owner.

  • What if I don’t have the Vacuum Therapy machine? I want to enroll today. Is there time for me to get the machine?

    Absolutely! You should have plenty of time to order your machine now - and - start your course now. You'll need to complete Part I, with 3 Modules, before you do anything with the machine. So... Enroll Now, Start the Course Now, and Order Your Machine now! Check out Amazon for the machine.

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